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Nibash is interactive portal, which lets Real Estate industry to server multiple needs. We offer various plan for advertisement in Nibash. No matter what is your budget or plan for your business, you can advertise on Nibash which will give you an outmost outcome on the Web of World.

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  • Worldwide 694 millions people using online.
  • Bangladesh has 10 Millions online users who browse online at least once a day.
  • Nibash has 2690 Listings as of February, 2013
  • Nibash achieve 733854 unique hits already in the site.

Nibash Pricing for the Listing and Advertisement

  • Post your Free Listings as many as you want:
    • Free Listing:  We have a free trial system where you can get your property listed freely for 7 days after accepted by NIBASH Team.
    • Free Listing Expired:  When your listing has been in our for 7 days, at the 5th days we will send reminder to you for letting you know that your free listing is getting expired would you like to go with our pay per basis listing or other different ways to show your listings in Bangladesh Real Estate Portal NIBASH.COM Fees are as follows:

General Listing for Land/ Apartment/ Commercial Space Sale or Rent

Package Name Duration Cost
Free Listing 7 days Free
Per Day 1 day 100/-
Per week 7 days 500/-
Per Month 30 days 1500/-
Per Quarter 3 months 3500/-
Half Year 6 months 7500/-
Yearly Whole year 10,000/-

Pricing Information for Developers/ Builder/ Corporate Clients

Package Name Duration Cost Remarks Visibility
Top Banner Ad
Click Here
1 Month 75,000/- Will be sharing with other companies logo as scroll in all the pages Scope only top of the listing of the home page and others
Developer's showcase
Click Here
1 Month 50,000/- Will be highlighted with 3 other sponsor add and scroll one after one On the top right corner in home page and others
Regular Banner Ad
Click Here
1 Month 10,000/- Will be sharing regular banner spot and other compnies ad has scrolled in all the pages Scope 3 or 4 placing based on availability

Developer´s Showcase  [?]

As of December 10, 2019 Nibash has:
Total Property: 100
Properties for Sale: 76
Properties for Rent: 22
Total Unique Hits: 2686